EvoShape, an innovative new Computer-Aided Design application currently being developed at Loughborough Design School, was launched on the world stage this month. EvoShape is an innovative new CAD tool that generated and evolves original styling concepts. Early trials suggest EvoShape can trigger inspiration and creativity, enable the rapid evolution of unique styling concepts, and reduce the time between concept generation and digital modelling. Interactive and highly intuitive, it can also be used by clients and end-users directly, creating the possibility of uniquely desirable customised products. EvoShape is currently being developed at Loughborough University by Dr Ian Graham. It is based on the disruptive technology created during his doctoral research in Interactive Evolutionary Design (a subset of Evolutionary Computation), integrating a Genetic Algorithm within CAD. This was also carried out at Loughborough University (in the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, supervised by Professor Keith Case and Bob Wood).

EvoShape will...

  • Trigger inspiration and creativity
  • Evolve original styling concepts faster
  • Reduce time from concept to CAD
  • Engage clients and end-users directly
  • Change the way you think about CAD

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September 09 2020

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